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la raza added a reply in discussion What was the last movie that y... 2 years ago

On the weekend I was visiting a friend and they were watching Straight Outta Compton on cable - a good film if you're into rap music!...

la raza started a new discussion Google Translate app... 2 years ago

Something that I think can help travelers a lot in foreign countries is the Google Translate app. Now, we all know it never provides perfect translations, but it's useful when you're trying to get the...

la raza started a new discussion Stranded Deep... 2 years ago

On Steam there is a game you can buy called Stranded Deep for the PC (not sure if it's available for Mac or consoles), does anyone here play it?<br> <br> In a nutshell, it's a game where...

la raza started a new discussion Being Single Vs In A Relations... 2 years ago

A lot of this is so true lol<br> <br>

la raza started a new discussion Color schemes... 2 years ago

Is there any way of choosing different color schemes for ChatIntro? Thanks....

la raza added a reply in discussion Good co-op games for couples?... 2 years ago

When you say "simple" games what genres do you mean? I know some people play co-op games on the Wii like those sports ones or Mario Kart etc., while others play things like Call of Duty on the Xbox...

free live video chat rooms

In thе еrа оf thе Internet where almost еvеrуthіng is taking рlасе on thе іntеrnеt, a frее lіvе vіdео chat rооm аllоwѕ уоu make some good сlоѕе friends. іѕ...

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Advantages of Online Video Chatting

Onlіnе video chat аllоwѕ соmmunісаtіng wіth реорlе thrоugh tеxt, аudіо, аnd video media. It is аn еffісіеnt tооl which hеlрѕ stay іn tоuсh wіth frіеndѕ аnd family mеmbеrѕ living wоrldwіdе...

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