Things to Do in Bangkok

Bangkok, the City of Angels as it is fondly called, is as amazing as it is diverse. Apparently, Bangkok is one of the most vibrant cities in the world. It is a place where you will see an eclectic mix of modern and ancient, loud and quiet, slow and fast moving. Visitors have plenty of things to explore but the only limiting factor will be time. Be it busy markets, vibrant nightlife, beautiful attractions and stunning fortresses, Bangkok has it all. Moreover, each of these spots has something unique to offer.

In this city, ancient traditions and modernity do not just meet, rather they mix and become an innovation. It is a fascinating place to be. However, this article aims to give you a rundown of the best places to visit, popular activities and amazing things to do that will make your Bangkok vacation worthwhile. 


A vacation to Bangkok without shopping will be considered incomplete. Bangkok is a paradise for shopaholics who come from all over the world. From modern shopping malls, to the ever busy street bazaars, Bangkok is a delightful destination for shoppers. To learn more about the city’s culture and get up close with locals, visit the floating markets. Notably, Damnoen Sanduak, one of the trendiest floating markets in Bangkok attracts countless number of visitors. Other interesting markets to visit is Tha Kha and Ampawa. 


Bangkok is home to plenty of interesting spots for revelers. Ultimately, Bangkok has gained popularity for its wild and vivacious nightlife. During the day, the city looks calm and sleepy but at night it comes alive with electrifying activities. Bangkok’s nightlife includes fine dining, clubbing, cultural events, bar flying and many more. What’s more, you don’t need to spend huge sum of money to be a part of the hottest clubs in Bangkok such as Route 66, Bed Supperclub, Glow Narcissus and Q Bar. Most pubs and bars offer live music to the delight of guests. Nightlife in the city is pleasant, safe and fun


To learn more about the city’s rich historical past and unique cultural heritage, check out Bangkok museums. Exhibits include breathtaking and strangest remnants of the past that tells the story of the Thailand’s unique culture and traditions. Unlike other popular museums around the world, access to Bangkok museums is cheap and, for most part, free. Popular museums in the city include Bangkok National Museum, The Ancient City and Royal Barge Museum. 

Theme Parks

Are you tired of exploring the many attractions and museums? Would you like to try something different asides shopping or the usual walking? There is never a dull moment in Bangkok. The city’s theme parks are a great place to visit and they offer all sort of entertaining activities. Some of the popular amusement parks include Bangkok Planetarium, Dream World, Siam Park and Mall Ngamwongwan Water & Playland. Facilities in the amusement parks include adventure rides, swimming pools, water sports and many more. This is definitely a kiddies paradise. As a matter of fact, Kids will love it here. 


Bangkok is home to many temples. For those with interest in religious architecture, you will love it here. Temples in Bangkok come in different styles and designs. The Wat Arun and the Wat Pho, which house the world famous Buddha image, are without doubt the most popular temples in Bangkok. Another impressive place to see is the Wat Trai Mit, which houses the golden Buddha. Presently, it is holds the record for being the largest and one of the oldest Buddha statue in the world. Other popular temples include Wat Phra Kaeo, and Wat Srthat Thepwararam