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  3. Thursday, 14 March 2019
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Nano ceramic solar window film is a new technology product that can use for construction to save much energy.
Since the requests with building energy saving become higher and higher all over the world, we have to pay close attention to it. Nano energy saving film must be one of the best choices, it is portable, cost-saving. It can save 30% energy consumption of cooling in summer, and 15% of heating in winter.
1. Economical Reconstructing single-frame double-glass window with heat-insulating film saves a lot of more cost than making it into single-frame triple-glass windows.
2. Rapid It is not necessary to tear down the present window but adhere film only, which is easy to operate and time-saving.
3. Environment protective No glass cullet, broken mortar or any other construction garbage would be produced by adhering film. No pollution or damage to furnishing would occur.
4. Safe The viscosity of the film can hold glass cullet together. This is even safer than tempered glass.
5. Healthier UV rejection of the film can reach 99%.
6. Lighter The film will not increase load to the window structure. Nano Ceramic Solar Film manufacturers

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