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  3. Wednesday, 23 January 2019
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INSULATION glass was invented by means of Americans in 1865. This is a new building material using good heat insulation, noise insulation, beautiful appearance in addition to reduced building weight. The item uses two (or three) spectacles. The high-strength and high-air-tight composite adhesive must be used to bond the glass piece on the aluminum alloy frame containing the desiccant to offer a high-performance sound insulation and insulating glass.
Laminated glass can also be called laminated glass. It's a two-piece or several drift glass sandwich to troublesome PVB (ethylene polymer butyrate) video, which is pressed by the hot press and discharged whenever possible, and then placed in a very high-pressure steam kettle applying high temperature and questionable. A small amount with residual air is dissolved inside the film. Compared with some other glass, it has this performance of shockproof, anti-theft, bulletproof along with explosion-proof.
First of most, the laminated glass plus the Laminated wire glassLaminated wire glass have a new sound insulation effect into a extent. However, laminated goblet has excellent shock resistance and explosion-proof performance, even though insulating glass has far better thermal insulation.
In conditions of sound insulation, you can find different differences between each. Because of the fine seismic performance of laminated glass, when the wind will be large, the possibility of noise due to self-vibration is small, for medium and low frequencies. Insulating glass is susceptible to resonance.

But to say who's is isolated from external noise, it is continue to a slight advantage. For that reason, depending on the place, the glass to be chosen differs.
If it is standard household, insulating glass may be the most widely chosen. Should you live in the top level, the wind will be big, and the noise is relatively small when compared to outside world. Laminated glass is also your best option.

The most direct manifestation on the two types of glass was in the sun room. In general, the top of the sun room consists of double-layer tempered glass. The facade glass with the sun room uses insulating glass.
Because if an individual encounter high-altitude falling physical objects, the safety of laminated a glass is relatively high plus its not easy to entirely break. The fa├žade tumbler uses insulating glass to be able to better achieve thermal efficiency, so that the sunlight room is warm throughout winter and cool within summer.
Therefore, it is not said that double-layer laminated tumbler and double-layer insulating cup are better, and it might only be said which the demand in which factor is greater.

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