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  3. Saturday, 09 September 2017
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I think the New York City is Beat, Los Angeles is so funny place, but you have to drive everywhere on crazy 6 Lane Freeway's. That's a challenge right there. Fort Lauderdale, FL is beautiful . But make sure you stay in the nice areas because it can get dangerous. I have always wanted to go to Colorado in the winter season. If anyone know other better place in USA Please discus with us ? I love to visit.
la raza Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
I suppose it depends on what you perceive as "best" - for example, do you enjoy visiting the usual tourist traps or do you prefer to go off the beaten track and experience something a little different?

Not too long ago I visited TN and NC, taking in the spectacular Smoky Mountains on my travels!
Luchie Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
For me best vacation place in US is in South Dakota ,why? coz we r bikers ,best to see it riding in motorcyle ,like the mountains Mt Rushmore ,and i always see Crazy Horse :)
  Wisconsin, USA
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