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  3. Saturday, 07 October 2017
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I love to travel many countries by different time. I feel very happy and interesting by travelling different countries.
I love to see countries cultural system , living system and so on . I think its my hobby. One of my friend said to me , Traveling many country is Important for us. I don't know why it's very impotent. Can anyone tell me why its impotent ?
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If you travel different countries , You’ll Get Out of Your Comfort Zone . Traveling Builds Confidence. You Will Develop Cultural Sensitivity which is very impotent for us. Also you Can Adapt to Globalization . At last infinite Opportunities to Network grows rapidly, For this reason travelling many country is very important for us.
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Before the internet, to get to know a country you had to visit it, today we can visit without actually visiting. we meet so many people on the net from different parts of the of the world that we start looking up the areas where they live, look at pictures and read about the area. through what we see on the net it sparks something within us that wants to visit, unfortunately many of us can not visit countries like we would like because of the financial aspect
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