Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy gives you an insight about the information we collect at Chatintro, what we do with it, and what options are available to you.

The expressions “Chatintro,” “we,” “our,” or “us” used anywhere in this document will refer to Chatintro, the company which makes our services available to you. The “Services”, will refer to our online platform and its functional tools. Our Services are presently accessible through a web browser or other applications available on your PC or mobile device, as we explain more in our Help Center.

Information We Collect and Store

1. User Data

Content and data provided by our users is hereafter referred to as “User Data”. As we will explain later, User Data is handled by the company or other third party that built the workspace (that is, the User). Where Chatintro requests or handles User Data, it does so for the User. User Data may include, but not limited to; username, gender, country, messages (direct messages and channel messages), images, graphics, videos clips, modifications to messages or even deleted messages, and other types of content. A user may also decide to fill some personal data into their profile; e.g. full names, employment, a picture and/or contact details.

If you register on a platform and create an account as a ‘User’, you will abide by all terms as outlined in the User Terms of Service. If a User invites you to use our services, being either your employer, an individual or another company, that User stipulates their own policies relating to storage, access, distribution, removal, alteration, and retention of User Data as it applies to your usage of our services. Please confirm such policies with the concerned party and their stipulated terms.

2. Other information

Chatintro may also collect and request the following data:

Ø  Account opening information; Users give data such as an email address and password to open an account.

Ø  Contact details; with your authorization, any contact details you make available is collected (may be an address book from another device) when you use our services.

Ø  Log data: When using our services, our servers record some data by default, such information sent by your browser or your mobile app when you access any website. This log data contains your Internet Protocol address, the date and time you used our services, your previously visited web page visited prior to using our services, type of browser and settings, your browser functionalities and plug-ins, cookie data  and language preferences.

Ø  Third party data: We may also collect data from our affiliated organizations, our partners, or other bodies that help us increase our productivity. These may be compiled data, like IP addresses matched up with zip codes, or more detailed information explaining the effectiveness of an email campaign or an online publicity tool.

Our Cookie Policy

We use cookies and other tools like web beacons and single-pixel gifs, to store log data. We utilize both persistent and session-based cookies.

Cookies are small pieces of data sent to the drive on every user’s device by the service provider and from your computer or mobile device to us each time our website is accessed through your Web browser (only if you grant such permission)  or use our desktop application. They are peculiar to your profile or your browser. Session-based cookies last for as long as your browser is running and are removed instantly when you close your browser while persistent cookies remain until you consciously delete them or they go out of date.

Some cookies pertain to your account and personal data to keep record that you are logged in and also record what platform you’re active on. Others, though not linked to your profile are still exclusive and help us perform customization and site analytics, and other related functions. Whenever you log onto our website through your browser, you can adjust your cookie settings but disabling some or all your cookies may hinder you from using our services.

What We Do With Your Information.

We make use of your information to deliver and enhance our services to you.

1. User Data

Chatintro may collect and utilize User Data when required and as permitted by User’s directives to (a) provide, enhance and manage our services; (b) to guard against security, technical or service delivery issues; or as a User’s requires with respect to support functions; (c) as stipulated or allowed by law and (d) as outlined in our agreement with the User or as specifically instructed in writing by the User.

2. Other information

We use some other data to deliver our services to you. They include:

Ø  To facilitate and enhance our Services. We perform research and trend analysis to profile your usage of our services and enhance them.

Ø  To share information with you by:

o    Replying your requests. If you inform us about a problem or make an enquiry, we will reach you through your personal data.

o    Contacting you and marketing. We sometimes have questions for you regarding account management receipts and other related matters. We also need users’ contact details for our own campaigns and publicity. You can unsubscribe from these services at any time.

Sharing and Disclosure

Sometimes the information referred to this document is shared by Chatintro. This section explains how this is done. Each User stipulates their own policies for the disclosure and transfer of User Data. Chatintro does not determine how Users or their third parties opt to transfer or disclose User Data.

1. User Data

Chatintro may share User Data as stipulated by our agreement and the User’s directives, such as:

Ø  With representatives and third party service providers: We could employ the services of a third party organization or individuals to handle User Data.

Ø  With partners: We sometimes request our partner companies to handle User Data.

Ø  With third party corporations: Chatintro may, on behalf of our User, transfer User Data to an incorporated service provider added by User. Chatintro will not be held liable for how such provider collects, utilizes, and/or distributes User Data.

2. Other types of disclosure

Chatintro may disclose or transfer User Data and other data as follows:

Ø  During Business Restructuring: In the event of an acquisition, a merger, bankruptcy, restructuring, breakup, or even sale of some or all of Chatintro's assets, or funding of all or part  of our company, or anything of this sort or in contemplation of such (e.g. due diligence).

Ø  In Compliance with Applicable laws. To comply with laid down rules and regulations and to fulfill to legal demands, court rulings and other legal proceedings.

Ø  To wield our rights, guard against fraud and for security purposes. To defend and uphold the rights, assets, or security of the company and/or third parties, as well as enforcing terms and agreements, or pertaining to preventing and uncovering fraudulent cases.

We may share or use compiled non-personal data for different purposes. For instance, we may disclose such data to our partners for commercial or analytic purposes like informing an intending User about traffic on messages sent on any of our platforms or in a partnership with an academic institution or research firm to study trends about workplace interactions.


Chatintro handles data security with high importance. We take different actions to safeguard the information you give us against loss, theft, abuse, illegal access or distribution. These actions are taken with proper understanding of the sensitivity of such data and the present level of technological advancement.

For more information about our current procedures and standards on security and privacy of User Data and other information, please refer to our Security Practices; The document is revised as these procedures are improved over time.

Children’s Information

Our Services are not provided for children below 18 years. If you discover that any such child has given us personal information, please inform us promptly.

Changing the Privacy Policy

We may, at any time, modify or alter this policy; in that event we will post such alterations on this page. If you maintain the use of our services after such alterations take effect, you consent to abide by the updated policy.

Contacting Chatintro

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need clarifications or have questions concerning Chatintro’s Privacy Policy or procedures. You may send a mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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