Cookie Policy

We use cookies and other tools like web beacons and single-pixel gifs, to store log data. We utilize both persistent and session-based cookies.

Cookies are small pieces of data sent to the drive on every user’s device by the service provider and from your computer or mobile device to us each time our website is accessed through your Web browser (only if you grant such permission)  or use our desktop application. They are peculiar to your profile or your browser. Session-based cookies last for as long as your browser is running and are removed instantly when you close your browser while persistent cookies remain until you consciously delete them or they go out of date.

Some cookies pertain to your account and personal data to keep record that you are logged in and also record what platform you’re active on. Others, though not linked to your profile are still exclusive and help us perform customization and site analytics, and other related functions. Whenever you log onto our website through your browser, you can adjust your cookie settings but disabling some or all your cookies may hinder you from using our services.